Hey I’m Chris, lead designer and creator of Structrd.

In the years I’ve been working with various clients, I’ve learned many valuable lessons about how to make a project (and business) successful.

Handing someone a new website or logo is not the the end-all be-all. It’s just the first step of many in creating one’s brand.

You see, a website or logo — these things are simply cogs in a much larger wheel.

At Structrd, we not only provide people with new websites and logos, but we make sure you know how to use them to their full advantage.

Use them — because they are tools.

We want to create a brand for our clients that is a living, breathing tool. A tool that helps you connect and convert.

Our Design Style — Clarity

We take current design trends with a grain of salt. Trends are just that — here one day, gone the next.

That being said, we recognize and appreciate that some of them are worth exploring, and we work together with our clients to deliver the most current and functional design possible that fits their mission, model and industry.

We’re big fans of clean, clear, open layouts, with impactful typography that draws viewers within inches of their screens.

If we had to pick one word to describe our style — clarity.

Bottom line — Structrd provides solutions that are clean, unique and inspiring and we love working with individuals and businesses who are serious about expanding their digital footprint.